Sig P210 Standard vs P210 Target

Sig P210a Target vs 210 Standard

Like many MILSURP collectors, I have been in the hunt for the  reissue of the Sig Sauer P210. 

Supposedly they will shoot just as good as the original 210’s; but with some small changes to the controls. This to better reflect modern pistol tastes. Changes I happen to agree with! 

Sig P210 Standard vs P210 Target

Sig P210 SAO Standard

Without getting into all of the models and variants, there are basically two types being produced: Target models and a standard model.

Ever since the press-release, I have been angling for a standard model. A little more practical for the type of shooting we like to do around here. And who needs target sights and grips anyway? Right?

Sig P210 Standard vs P210 Target

SIG P210A Target


My previous thinking was derailed after handling both types side by side. Trust me, the target stocks make the gun! They even go so far as to balance out the pistol’s weight. The “standard” grip version seems very unbalanced towards the muzzle and sits in the hand goofily. 

Sig P210 Standard vs P210 Target

SIG P210 Target vs P210 Standard

As much as I thought wouldn’t want the target format? I want the target format! Because if I bought the standard configuration of handgun? I immediately would have to go out and buy target stocks anyway! 

And how much would that cost? It’s not like P210 grips are growing on trees. Probably not much cheaper than the factory target grips! So save yourself some hassle and just get the target grips. It’s not like you are going to CCW the P210 anyway? 

It’s a range toy. 






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