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Glock Gunsite Service Pistol - GGSP
Glock Gunsite Service Pistol - GGSP

While watching some SHOT Show videos early this year, I became aware of Gunsite’s launch of their Gunsite Glock Service Pistol or, “GGSP”. This reminded me of when I showed up at Gunsite in 1993 with my G22, since my agency had recently banned carrying single-action autos. I was the only one there with a Glock, which was promptly dubbed “Tupperware” by John Bowman, the Rangemaster. 5-1/2 days later, when he presented me with an E-ticket, he allowed that I had given the class a demonstration of, “Combat Tupperware”. In the past, Gunsite’s Gunsmithy has offered 1911 pistols bearing the moniker, “GSP” or, Gunsite Service Pistol, massaged with what Col. Cooper found the most needed improvements: good sights, a good trigger, dehorned, and tuned for reliability. These pistols, based on Colt or Springfield Armory 1911s – especially those turned out when Ted Yost ran the Gunsmithy, are very much sought after today. Over the intervening years, I have seen Glocks become a regular sight at Gunsite, not only in the holsters of students, but instructors, as well. The fact that Gunsite was now a purveyor of Combat Tupperware piqued my interest, so I ordered one from Gunsite’s Pro Shop.

Glock Gunsite Service Pistol - GGSP
As the gun is currently carried.

The GGSP, available from both Gunsite and through Davidson’s, is a Glock Model 45 with a 3.5-lb. connector, the FBI magazine catch, and a lanyard ring insert in the butt. The slide sports a silver laser-engraved Gunsite Raven on the top plane by the front sight, along with the word, “GUNSITE”. The slide is factory- milled for direct mounting of the (included) Holosun 509T-RD X2 RDS, and also sports black suppressor-height sights by Ameriglo.  Serial numbers start with “API” and run from 1-1000. GGSPs ordered through Gunsite also sport a striker plate cover bearing the retro Gunsite Raven logo. Although the 509T offers a choice of reticles, I set mine for the 2.5 MOA dot. Gunsite has sold out of their allotment, and I am told that another 1000 have been ordered. Some of the original run are still out there in the wild on Gunbroker, too.

Glock Gunsite Service Pistol - GGSP
Gunsite Markings on top of slide.

Shooting the GGSP is no surprise. The gun flat works. Reliability is 100%, and accuracy is better than I can hold. I put a Glock Performance Trigger in mine and, while nowhere close to a 1911 trigger, it is eminently useable. Although I wish Gunsite had held out for Aimpoint P2s, the 509T has held up without fail to nearly daily carry in a Tier 1 AIWB holster. The 509T has a smaller footprint than the P2, and there have been no shifts in zero. Be aware that the sight sits lower than when on MOS Glocks, and is wider than the slide, so it may interfere with holster fit. I plan on ditching the lanyard loop insert when my Vickers insert arrives.  

Glock Gunsite Service Pistol - GGSP
Holosun RDS included in package.

 I like the gun so much that I bought a second one for practice. When my nephew called me up this past May for a recommendation on his first handgun purchase and training, he was thinking a G19 or a 1911. Based on our conversation, I recommended the GGSP or a G19 MOS and a good pistol class, and told him to go check out the various MOS Glocks (19, 17, G45) he could find. He called back a few days later and by the time our conversation had ended, he had purchased a GGSP and also signed up for a Rangemaster class through my old friend and mentor, Tom Givens, that was scheduled for the end of the month, 1 hour away from him. His experience there echoed mine: His gun ran flawlessly while he scored a 198/200 on the first day final assessment, shot 148/150 on the last day’s FBI Qual., and was the only one to clean the 5×5 Drill. Seems like Combat Tupperware still gets it done.




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