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2023 Nebraska Buck
2023 Nebraska Buck

I have been down three weeks with respiratory infections. I finally got out yesterday. Packed cough syrup, coffee, water, sandwiches, and decided I was sitting all day and if I die, I die. 

Over the years I had fallen into the hunt til 9-9:30 or so. Go back to the house and come back out about three. I had always heard mid day during the rut was a good time, just never did it. With being sick and rain called for Sunday, I decided I was gonna do an all day sit and that would have to be my season. I heard two shots in the distance about 7:45 and then crickets. I mean not even 250lb squirrels messing with me. 

2023 Nebraska Buck
Kraken gets out in the field after being sick for a while.

About 11:15 I was literally chewing up the last bite of a sandwich when I saw antlers moving through some brush coming up out of a creek bottom near a lane where I knew there were fresh scrapes. Grabbed my rifle while literally trying to swallow the sandwich. Got turned in the blind and poked the rifle out the window. The deer kept walking slowly through the brush towards the lane. Suddenly he turns to face me head on while still in the brush and I thought, “Shit! He winded me!”. 

2023 Nebraska Buck
Buck in the truck

I didn’t move and after about 30 seconds he turned and slowly started walking to the trail again. He had his head clearly in the trail but the rest was hidden in brush. Two more step and he bent down to sniff again but this time the front third of him was clear and perfectly broadside. Put the crosshairs on him and the Browning barked. 

I got nervous when he didn’t mule kick and bolted up the hill. Went to the spot I figured he was at the shot, and found chunks of lung and lots of hair. He made it about 40 yards to the top of the hill.  I now wonder how many opportunities I missed in past years while eating lunch at the house mid day.





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