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HK G3 – PTR 91 – HK 91 Magazines are Cheap

Hk 91 G3 PTR-91 Magazines via Gabe Suarez

I practice what I preach. I lived through the Clinton AWB and was caught completely flat-footed. Like many of my peers. I swore that would never happen again.


When I buy a firearm, I am always considering magazines. Sometime back I picked up a PTR 91 GI as a truck gun. The price was good and I liked how well that design works in extreme cold and snow environs.

So when I saw I could buy a pile of magazines form Gabe Suarez, I did just that. I bought 20. They were technically milsurp and used, but almost half of them look NIB.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are fighting for the democratic nomination. Their “emergency” backup candidate that can swing in last minute is Mike Bloomberg. The former NY mayor who runs multiple, national, anti-gun political action committees.

This ain’t over. Buy magazines.

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