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Switching Stocks on PTR 91 / G3



When setting up the truck gun project, I purchased two aftermarket stock options. The first was a Choate folding stock, The second and much more expensive was a German Military telescoping stock. If you notice, this version has a larger than “normal” butt-plate.

Not being a expert HK guy or milsurp collector, I can’t actually specify what the names or models are for these stocks. But reading on the internet, there seems to be a strong dislike for the military telescoping format. The main complaint is how small the surface area of the butt plate is. But I did notice that there are TWO options here. And so I did spend the extra cash to grab this when I saw it.

When running some drills and shooting in unconventional positions, once or twice I crawled up on the Choate stock and made contact with my mouth against the rear of the rifle. Not the most pleasant feeling. Yes, when I get time, I will add a few more spacers to the Choate and increase the length of pull.

But in the meantime, I will switch to the longer milsurp stock. Special note, I will probably be adding a Bushnell TRS-25 to  the PTR. The current RDS is an old gun-show mystery scope just to test cheek weld  / eye relief.



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