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African Bush Wars – Rhodesian Shotgun

Rhodesian Army Markings


Here is a very uncommon shotgun. It is a Browning A-5 / Auto-5 action, but with a factory original extended magazine tube and fore arm. Here is what I think I know about this shotgun. I have read that 1000 were made as a custom order for the South African Police. But South Africa smuggled them across the border to Rhodesia in violation of a UN arms embargo.

That is what “think” the story is. Some others say these were custom ordered by Rhodesia and sent straight on. Perhaps someone more knowledgable than myself will chime in?

How many were imported in the United States? Again…foggy. I’ve read as few as 200 and as many as 500. I’ve read it was all Century and other sources hint that multiple importers were responsible. Who knows?

I do know it’s cool as hell and runs great. It fills the auto-shotgun space for me, and has a neat, historical past.




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