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Holland & Holland SxS $121,000
Holland & Holland SxS $121,000

While traveling outside DC, I had occasion to run into the actual Holland & Holland company. The folks were visiting from the UK headquarters and brought toys with them. I was able to fondle a few firearms and shoot some photos without looking like too much of a groupie.

This SxS was tagged at $121,000. In “12 Bore”. I think.

Holland & Holland SxS $121,000
Holland & Holland SxS $121,000

H&H is a neat company and is one of the few firearms manufactures left in the UK. When you think about the long history the British Isles have with shooting, it is sad to think of the handful of companies that are left. It also wasn’t lost on me that these “sporting guns” weren’t really attainable by the average commoner. But the staff did indicate that a “significant” amount of their total sales were to foreign buyers. It was intimated without saying…that means oil money from the Middle East.

This Safari Gun was steal for just $109,000. While it looks like a shotgun, it is actually a SxS rifle in 500 Nitro Express. A very cool gun indeed. Having never fired a N.E. round before, I asked them a few questions about it. Frankly, I will probably never have a need for a 500 N.E. but a 375 H&H…or as they call it…375 Holland & Holland easily could be in my future. Why? Because…you know…Brown Bears and stuff.  And for those putting 2-&-2 together, yes you now know where the H&H comes from in certain calibers.

Holland & Holland 3
$109,000 500 N.E SxS Safari Rifle

I quickly realized that if I continued to look at six-figure rifles my nose would start to bleed so I attempted to nonchalantly,  wonder towards the clothing and accessories section.

Now for the clothing. In a nutshell…WOW! They’re proud of their stuff. Maybe I need to raise the prices on our t-shirts? Because apparently I’m a low-rent, mangy jackal. Alright, I’m exaggerating a bit. They didn’t call me that or make me feel that way. For all they knew I was the 47th Viceroy of Umpa-Lumpa Land. And just passing through town on a diplomatic mission. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. Think they bought it?

Holland & Holland Sweater
This Holland & Holland Sweater was very cool but they were asking some crazy price!

At this point, I must confess I started to become light headed. So much so I wasn’t able to operate my camera. The prices of everything were just staggering. The guns were cool. And the accessories seemed well made, but not something I could justify. Here is the last image of 3 separate H&H guns. This is well over $500,000 of product.

Holland & Holland 4
Over a half-million in guns? Yup. That’s Holland & Holland.

But incase you are thinking I’m a snooty som-bitch, you would be mistaken. And I have proof. I did buy a Holland & Holland product. What could that be you ask? Why that eternal bastion of the American common man. A refuge in a sea of gold. One of Americas’ greatest icons known the world over. A safe place I slide into like home plate:  The American baseball hat! Now mind you, it’s a REALLY well made baseball hat. In H&H forrest green. Embroidered H&H on the front panel. And they even sprayed it with wax to repel water. You know…incase…I get caught out in that London Fog weather.

The damage?

$40 bucks.


I made payment in Pound Sterling and told them to keep the change.

Hey! It could’ve happened.





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