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How Much Ammo In Your Vehicle?

Truck ammo
How much ammo do you keep in your car or truck?

I posted this picture on social media a little while ago and was legitimately surprised (Which doesn’t happen often) by most of the reactions. 

What you see in this picture is about 2000rd of 9mm ammunition. Out of sight is the 5.56 and some precision rifle ammo. 

The feedback was mostly along the lines of keeping something  “that extremely valuable” in my vehicle, is making me a target. Or somehow tempting fate. 

Which gets me to thinking: What is a case of ammo to you? Is it a gold brick? Or is it a full tank of gas? Not getting what I am going for? Is having 1000 rounds of ammo an investment like bullion. Or a consumable to get somewhere? Like a full tank of gasoline? 

To me it’s a full tank. Sure…big vehicles have big tanks. And they aren’t cheap to fill. But no gas, no go. Ditto for ammo. No ammo, no shoot. I am on the range quite a bit. I am either shooting, cutting, fixing, planning, or working on the computer. 

So at any given time, in my truck, is probably $2000-3000 in tools. $1000 in ammunition (pre-covid pricing estimate). $2-10,000 in firearms. $2000 in firearms accessories (Bags, tripods, LRF’s, etc). $2000 in camera and computer equipment. And $200 in gasoline filled canisters. 

Why? Loading and unloading tools everyday sucks. Loading and unloading cases of ammo everyday sucks. Guns and computers are constantly getting pulled in and out. Along with food and water. After those two items, the rest stays because it’s always needed. 

Understand I am a “gun-guy”. I own a private range. I manage a reference collection. That’s not common. But anyone who shoots on the regular has to have AT LEAST 1000 rounds on hand, right? Or at least a 1000rd case they are working through? Right?

Or am I wrong? 

How much ammo do you keep in your vehicle? And how often do you fire a gun? 






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