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How to Measure Barrel Length

How to measure firearm barrel length.
US Barrel length measurement standards.

How to Measure Barrel Length

Multiple versions of this question came up after we were helping a foreign Blaser owner figure out a question regarding barrel length, and that make of rifle. 

A couple of points for all viewers around the world. 

  1. This method for determining legal barrel length is used by the US Government. 
  2. Typically the US law covering this is called the National Firearms Act of 1934. 
  3. Contradictorily, individual barrels are NOT federally controlled items in the United States. Because they are not a serialized part. Meaning in the US, barrels are bought and sold as easily as bathroom plumbing. 
  4. In the US, the act of mounting the barrel into a firearm (serialized part) automatically invokes NFA rules. 
  5. In the US, if a barrel has a serial number on it, foreign or domestic in origin, it is still an unregulated piece of metal; And is not considered a firearm or controlled item. 
  6. In many countries around the world, a barrel IS a controlled item and having one is legally the same as having a firearm. Additionally having a barrel without a serial number is considered contraband. 
  7. Many countries that regulate barrels, like firearms, don’t have limitations on barrel length since the mere existence of the item is controlled. 

Hope this helps. 






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