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Cat Crap Anyone?

Cat Crap Lens Cleaner & Defogger
Cat Crap & my daily SRO.

Any readers have any experience or feedback with Cat Crap lens cleaner & defogger? Picked this up a little while ago but have been too busy to mess with it. 

Truth be told I am in and out of vehicles and buildings so much, once could assume fogging is a problem. But so far I haven’t really experienced it to a level that would degrade my shooting. 

Cat Crap Lens Cleaner & Defogger
Lip balm for your gun… 😜

Am I whistling past the graveyard and need to use this? Or is it just a way to get money out of people? Those who use it, do you wipe it on and off? Or do you leave it on? 

This was delivered with no instructions. 






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