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1911 Drill – Basic Plate Rack – 6 Yards

1911 Drill. Basic Plate Rack
1911 Drill. Basic Plate Rack

A 1911 drill that works for double stacks and single stack 1911s. Basic plate rack. 

  • From the draw (Concealed, AIWB, whatever. You do you).
  • 6 shots.
  • 6 yards.
  • 3.00 seconds. 


A couple of random points. 

  • For some of you this will seem very close and easy. 
  • For some you this will seem hard. 
  • For some of you this will seem fast. 
  • For some of you this will seem slow. 
  • Yes, some holster configurations are better than others. But you might as well work this how you carry, and try to get better. Resist the temptation to game it with gear. 

If you can do better, do better! If you can’t shoot this well, concentrate on YOU and YOUR time. Don’t try to run the drill faster, try to run the clock faster. Meaning play YOUR game. Are you wasting time in areas? Work on that and see what happens to your time. It’s a journey. But keep in mind, your ultimate destination is 3 seconds. 

Now…for all you keyboard grand masters out there, you are more than welcome to shoot this at Bob Vogel speed. I’ve heard that is 7 yards, 6 shots, 1.5 seconds. 

Final disclosures. This speed is where I am at today. I didn’t “grand bag” this. Hell! I didn’t even meet MY standard on this video. If I could have shot this at 1.5 seconds, trust me. I would have. 

Putting in the humble work is how we all get better. If catching me at 3 seconds seems like an insurmountable climb? Welcome to the club! I’m looking at 1.5 and feeling the same way. 






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