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The Value of Shot Timers

The Value of Shot Timers.
The Value of Shot Timers.

This is a screen grab from a shooting session yesterday. One, I am really digging this Shooter’s Global timer. I was able to scroll back and find my best shooting time way after shooting it. 

Second…look at that first shot. See how long it’s taking me to make it. I feel like I am over-aiming on the first shot so I don’t flub the sequence. But 1.3 seconds?! Holy smokes! That’s A LOT of wasted time. Too much. 

Without splits on your shot timer, and spending time reading it, how do you even know what is a good time, normal time or bad time? 

Summation. This 3.10 total time at 10 yards is my best time that day. So it is now my standard I need to work from. However even with that said, that first shot time is devastatingly bad. I mean bad, bad, bad. 

The work continues. 






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