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Huge Disappointment – HK 45C

HK 45C
This was supposed to be the future. It barely even became a footnote.

Ever ask someone their opinion of guns? 

Was that person someone you admired? 

Maybe that person was a combat vet?

Perhaps Special Forces?

Maybe even, “Very Special Forces”? 

Perhaps his name was none other than Larry A. Vickers?

If you answered yes to all of these questions? Boy, do I have a story to tell you! 

Heckler & Koch 45C
The safety killed this gun in the crib. I mean Dead Right There. Huge fail.

Back in the early 2000’s, there was a growing consensus amongst the 1911 professional class that something had to be done. The 45 caliber, single stack 1911 was getting very long in the tooth. 9mm Glocks had taken over. And the 2011…was literally a dumpster fire of crappy magazines and hanger-queen temperament relegated to gamers. 

In short, we were boxed in. 

But then there was hope. Larry Vickers started talking about taking the best qualities of the 1911, working with HK engineering, and making the 1911 of the future. And it was chambered in 45. 

Great! I thought. Larry is a 1911 guy. And he’s a real, deal shooter. Whatever he has in mind with the HK pistol is probably right up my alley! Finally a pistol made by a 1911 guy for 1911 guys! First the enthusiasts will adopt it. Then the FBI HRT. Eventually the US Army will feel left out and pick it up, dropping the 9mm Beretta. And where the Army goes, large LE agencies will follow. 

Done deal. The pistol professionals will make everything right with the world. I can see the future with this “new” 1911 in 45…

And then…

HK 45C
This was supposed to be the future. It barely even became a footnote.

I held one in a gun store. The HK 45c.

I will never forget that moment. What I saw. What I felt. What I said. Looking down at that Holy Grail pistol in my hand, with it’s top heavy slide and bullshit thumb safety. 

You know the one. It’s that peculiar HK abomination that can actually de-cocked the hammer and reward the user with a DA pull when he is expecting a single action. 

This is the gun designed and promoted by my betters? This? 

What happened next is one of those spontaneous utterances that is admissible in a court of law because of its sheer, unadulterated honesty, 

“This fucking sucks.”





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