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Hunting Accident Aftermath: Rebuilding a Mossberg Shotgun


So we received some bad news this week. One state that Freeze hunts has not legalized centerfire rifle hunting for 2015. We were pretty certain that the law would be changed but it’s not meant to be. But luckily for Freeze, he has his 12 gauge shotgun ready to go.


Why is that the subject of a post? Well…2 deer seasons ago, Freeze had a slight hunting accident. He’s fine and the four wheeler he was riding is a little worse for wear. But his trusty and well used Mossberg shotgun was basically crushed like an old Pabst Blue Ribbon can under the weight of the 4 wheeler.

It broke his stock, we thought may have slightly bent the barrel. We also suspected the scope and mount were also toast.  Most would look at the damage and just trashed the gun or broken it up for parts. Especially when I confess that it’s REALLY not even a Mossberg but their economy line of New Haven. Yup! Back story: Freeze has has this shotgun for easily 30 years; maybe 40 years.  It has filled more freezers full of meat than most people shoot in a lifetime. Hence his moniker, “Freezer Meat”.


Mossberg / New Haven Shotgun
Mossberg / New Haven Shotgun

The previous stock was a fixed pistol grip model. But his replacement has a M4 style stock. This retains the pistol grip he prefers, but allows some adjustabiliy for warmer or very cold clothing. And..frankly…being an AR style part, it was cheap. Don’t dismiss that out if hand. It’s a New Haven Shotgun. Used as a deer gun. It get’s shot less than 10 rounds a year. Max.


M4 Style Replacement Stock
M4 Style Replacement Stock


He completely tore the shotgun down and checked all the parts. The barrel wasn’t broken and the scope and mount work and hold zero just fine. Fore-end works and the pump-rail wasn’t bent (again…another shocker.) So as they say on the TV Car shows, “it’s off to paint & powder coat”. Ok. Not really. It’s actually Krylon. The previous build used Krylon and the rebuild does too. It’s just that this time Freeze has decided to go from a desert tan to  a more woodland cammo look.



New Haven 5
New Haven / Mossberg Repainting


Here you can see the finished product. Economical AR stye stock. And $0.99 worth of Krylon paint. It may not be as fancy as some of the professional shake-n-bake jobs. But it works. It is done quickly. And it came out quite nice.


New Haven Shotgun Rebuild and Paint.
New Haven Shotgun Rebuild and Paint.





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