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Eye Candy — By Scott Mayer

Peter Hofer -- Engraved Inlay

Exceptional gun engraving is nothing less than pure art on steel canvas. For many hunters, it tells their story and adds a soul to their guns. Sadly, most American gun owners never get a chance to see really good gun engraving. Most of what we see is either stamped or cut by a machine and, more often than not, simply should have never been applied in the first place.


At the recent Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the privilege of seeing some of the best engraving by Peter Hofer. His work is some of the finest, resembling pen and ink drawings, sometimes spiced up with precious stones or colorful enamels. The guns pictured here include a set of “biggest and smallest” double rifles–one chambered for the diminutive .17 HMR and the other for the behemoth 4-Bore. See if you can tell which guns they are from the engraving.


–Scott Mayer


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