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Zenith MPT-76

The Zenith MPT-76 shown at SHOT Show is an import legal version of Turkey’s newly designed replacement for their military service H&K G3 rifles–the MPT-76. The MPT-76 was heavily influenced by the AR family of rifles, but incorporates a short-stroke gas piston system. Other proprietary changes are incorporated to create one of the most robust and reliable military rifles on the market. It is specially designed to operate in harsh environments including high altitude, extremely hot or cold temperatures, dust, mud and rain. It’s intended to take abuse and extreme mistreatment and still remain reliable and accurate. The import version of the rifle is manufactured in the same production facility and to the same exacting standards as the Turkish military MPT-76, but it will have a non-adjustable stock and no bayonet lug. Chambering is 7.62×51 NATO (.308 Winchester).


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