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LRB M25 Receiver

LRB Arms had what it calls “the ultimate M14 receiver choice for long range accuracy.” It’s called the M25 and it has a rear lug that features a proprietary scope rail mounting system forged and machined right into the receiver. The addition of a rear lug enhances the accuracy potential of an already superior M14 platform and is welded in position prior to heat treating to insure uniform hardness. The lug is drilled and tapped and includes a 1/4 x 28 socket head screw and pillar bedding sleeve. The one-piece 4140 steel Picatinny (M1913) rail slides onto the receiver’s dovetail cuts and is secured with two cap screws, plus the rail is designed to allow use of iron sights as a backup when the scope is removed.
A short scope rail is included with the receiver but LRB also offers an optional 7 1/4” long scope rail in standard and 20 MOA configuration. Price for the M25 Rear Lug Receiver is $1180.


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