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Iran Analysis: Tanker & Drone Attacks 2019

Iranian tanker attacks
Iranian tanker attacks

Iran analysis: Incase you don’t know what’s going on? Iran wants conflict with the US for propaganda at home. They know we won’t destroy their regime, so it’s a jingo move to unite the country.

Why? The Iranian regime is under great pressure at home for their crappy economy and foreign wars. Most folks in Iran are not stupid and know the gov is spending more money on combat ops in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon than on domestic needs.

Here’s the best part. They want a crisis. And every time they do something, the Lefty media in the US goes completely partisan and claims the Iranians didn’t do it. It’s a false flag. Trump is playing wag the dog. And we can’t trust the intelligence community.

This is driving the Iranians batty. They want plausible deniability, but really want the credit to be understood.

It will be interesting to see how Trump plays this. But if the Iranians keep escalating to the point they look like obvious ass-holes, even the Europeans will turn on them out of peer pressure.

You see, Iran wants the EU to reopen trade with them since the US has pulled out of the JCPOA nuclear agreement. But their plans keep getting bugled and the oil markets are hardly moving.

Very frustrating for the Iranians today.

Now you know.


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