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New Shelter Complete

New Rifle Range Shelter
New Shelter complete.

Ok. The new shelter is done. To keep reference points consistent, it is located behind the 100-500 yard shooting position and in in front of the Briar Patch. 

This was chosen primarily for one reason: breeze. 

This location provided ample shade to keep the general area of the shelter cool. It also gets a nice breeze off the rifle range. And can be used as a rifle range shooting position. It also is safely placed far enough away form the pit, that folks can hang out there and eat, drink, or load mags and not generally have to worry about spall from the steel targets. 

But that does create a down-side. The shelter is not optimally located to service The Pit. But you can’t have it all, and we had to make a decision. Additionally, users of The Pit typically are operating out of the backs of cars or trucks parked next to it. 






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