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John1911 Podcast EP49

The John1911 Podcast
The John1911 Podcast

Ep49 of the John1911 Podcast. I want to apologize for the slight echo in Freeze’s audio. I had run a OS update on my computer and one of my settings was changed. If nothing else, it gives him that air of authority!

On this episode:

  • The Tacticaltshirts.com website is closing.
  • John1911.com is now the flag ship of the fleet!
  • China steals US Navy drone.
  • Paul Krugman is insane.
  • Anti-Trump Elector is a 9-11 stolen valor douche.
  • Our new Ross Rifle Bayonet is bent!
  • Black powder Kaboom Indiana gun season.
  • Gen. Petraeus — It’s much worse than we have been told.



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