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Why The Russian Ambassador to Turkey was Assassinated.

Russian Ambassador Killed Assassinated in Turkey by Islamist

Here is some analysis you will not get from the talking heads:

The president of turkey is an Islamist. An Islamist who wears a suit.

During the recent coup attempts, it was the national police forces (Islamists) versus the military ( Ataturk secularists).

The Islamists won. That is why you have seen all the national purges.

This assassin was a national police officer. An Islamist. He assassinated The Russian chief of mission because the Islamist (ISIS) in Syria are losing in Aleppo against Assad / Russians.

Supposedly turkey is fighting against Isis. But the truth is the president of turkey has been supporting Isis.

There have been more and more attacks inside of turkey. In many cases attacks that are described as belonging to separatist Kurds actually have been conducted by Islamists. Not all.

Erdogan is playing a very dangerous game. And now he doesn’t have the chair to sit in when the music stops.

Turkey is a very dangerous place these days. And I’ll add this final historical fact: irrespective of Erdogan trying to cozy up to Russia since the coup, The Ottoman and Russian Empires have been historical enemies.

The phone call between Erdogan and Putin must have been interesting on a historical level.



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