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The one thing in common that people who lived under dictatorships,  from places like Nazi Germany and the old USSR or modern China will tell you,  is about how people have to hide their opinions,  how dissent means risking punishment, exclusion,  loss of jobs or businesses, and worse.

Yet,  a recent survey in the USA, a quite extensive survey,  found that 62.5 % of American adults are afraid of expressing their opinions.

Why?  They see people being bullied,  some being victims of threats and violence,  some losing their jobs for daring to say they disagree with some current cliche or for saying the wrong politically correct terms.They see cars vandalized for having a bumper sticker that some imagine is not politically correct.

Media & Activist Kids Portland

Media and Activists planting astro-turf. Look at the signs these kids are holding. What is the real agenda here? -Editor


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