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KA-Bar Training Knife. LE Knife.

The black knife is my daily carry knife. I have carried this or a boot version since sometime in the early 2000’s. 

The red knife is a factory “trainer” of the black knife. They are hard to come by since they didn’t sell well. An old colleague let me know he found a few and wanted to make sure some of us got the hook-up. 

Now for the, “Knife Talk”. First of all, I am not a knife guy. I’m just not. I find the subject tedious. And it has been my observation that folks who show a serious interest in knives and knife fighting view the subject through the distorted lens of fetish, not fact. A knife isn’t going to solve your problems anymore than a gun can. Thinking otherwise is a significant character flaw, not a skill’s issue. 

If you are a knife guy, that’s OK. I am sure you and Dan Inosanto can turn me into sushi 6 ways from Sunday with a potato peeler. 

But I’ll add this. I have been in one legit knife fight. I disarmed the attacker and put her on the ground. I still have the knife. It is some-kind of auto-sprung contraption. Every once in a while while conducting some knife training drills, I would surreptitiously switch from the “practice” knife to this confiscated one. 

100% of the time, the snap and flash of the auto-folder caused the student to panic, forget the drill at hand, and run. 100% of the them.  Black belts. Cops. Knife nerds. 100% panic and failure rate. There is an important lesson in this statistic. Unless you think you are special, in which case, see character flaw referenced above. 

Maybe one day I’ll show the trophy. Maybe. 

Back to this trainer. If I am so “down” on knife guys, why the interest in the trainer? Simple. I do go through trainings from time to time. And having to down-load to a force-on-force configuration deviates too far from my street carry. 

Now that is solved. 






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