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GRS Ragnarok Spotted in US

GRS Ragnarok folded in author's hand.

First off, let me get this out of the way. I am very excited about this product! A true chassis system for the Blaser R8 is a significant milestone for the most innovative, bolt action, rifle design since Paul Mauser dreamed up the K98. 

GRS Riflestocks out of Norway is well known worldwide for their high quality aftermarket rifle stocks and chassis. If you are familiar with the Blaser 338LM “Long Range” model? You have seen a GRS stock. Blaser sells it as a OEM part on their competition 338LM format of gun. 

The GRS stock on factory Blaser 338LM rifle.

Now it seems GRS has moved full-tilt into the Blaser chassis game with the Ragnarok. It’s an all aluminum body, folding stock, fully adjustable cheek and rear, QD mounts, 1913 rail and MLOK all over it. 

It’s durable. Foldable. Caliber and barrel configurable like the standard R8. But allows for easy attachment of military grade bipods, saddle mounts, lasers, night and thermal imaging systems, white & IR lights. If you can stick it on a gun, you can stick it on this chassis. Period. 

This ain’t your daddy’s hunting rifle anymore. 

A special thanks to Jerry Davenport of GRS to taking the extra time to give john1911.com staff the full dog-and-pony show over the Ragnarok. We spoke off-the-record about what GRS’s long-term plans are for the system. But I can give a small hint: Every Blaser owner that has ever reached out to me for help or advice about their rifles is going to go absolutely bananas if GRS pulls this off. 

Yowza! Wish I could say more. But a promise is a promise. 

So what was the downside of the meeting with Jerry? If any? Only one: I didn’t get to leave with it. According to him, this was the only Ragnarok in The States and was not for sale. I know. I tried to buy it! 

Finally. If you like the original GRS wood format, but wish you had something lighter and more durable? They have full synthetic model known as the BiFrost.

I’m gunning very hard to see of I can land the second. 






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