The John1911 Podcast

EP-133 – Cheap Cans, Plate Rack, Wayne LaPierre Girlfriend?

Ep133 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:

  • Larry Vickers’ Facebook account hacked.
  • STEM vigil students walk out over anti-gun politics.
  • The new falling plate rack is installed.
  • 50 BMG is a caliber, not a model of gun.
  • Does Wayne LaPierre have a “intern-problem”?
  • Cheap suppressors: Freeze needs to tame the dragon.
  • Kara Swisher thinks Jewish Ben Shapiro is a Nazi?
  • The Grassman Chronicles: Ohio’s Bigfoot fetish.
  • Fake Chinese boner pills.
  • Can vegans be pro-abortion?


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