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KET Brass Deflector
KET Brass Deflector

So a company known as Kinetic Energy Tools reached out and wanted to know if we were interested in trying out one of their products? Namely their Brass-Deflector. 

Immediately I thought about, “Doc”. He is our resident reloader and we are regularly chasing his brass across our ranges. So after conferring with him, I told KET to go ahead an send it out for T&E. 

Basically, the KET Brass-Deflector is a nylon structure that either connects to 1913 Pic rail or clips to most standard scope-tubes. Special note: the example we have does not have a clip for 34mm tubes. But we passed the suggestion along and I am under the impression Kinetic Energy Tools will remedy that. 

So how does it work? By looking at the video you can see quite well. Doc looks pleased. And the rest of us won’t be stuck trying to pick his brass out of the ever growing piles on property. 

But the best endorsement comes from Doc himself. He asked if he could keep the KET Brass-Deflector? And KET said yes. We get no kick-backs or whatnot from KET otherwise. It works. We have one. If you need one? Maybe give KET a look? 







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