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Labeling Your Brass For a Match

Notice the brass is labeled.

I saw this photo on the internet and it got me thinking. A lot of folks don’t realize that there are generally two types of matches for competitive shooters.

No, I’m not talking USPSA vs IDPA or Biathlon vs Precision Rifle Series.

What I am talking about is the difference between a match that allows the shooters to recover their brass, and those who don’t.

Before we get into all the who-ha about, “It’s my brass and I’ll kick your ass” kinda thing. Consider the logistical considerations match directors have to face. The number of shooters involved. Is the shooting static or mobile? Time constraints. Safety considerations. Etc, etc, etc.

Sometimes things are just moving so fast, there is no time to allow 100 shooters to pick up their pet Norma or Lapua shells. But sometimes there is time.

So…how do the professionals handle this? Simple. They will lookup the match rules and determine ahead of time if it’s a “sacrifice brass match” or a “recover brass match”. If they expect to lose a lot of brass, they may bring their well used “5th time reloaded” lot. If it’s a recover match, they may shoot fancy, factory gold-label type stuff.

Either way, it’s common to put marks on your brass to delineate new from old and yours from others.


Now you know.

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