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Larry Vickers Bans Appendix Carry For Un-vetted Students.





The ass hurt over the LAV banning appendix carry is hilarious. If Larry Vickers doesn’t want open enrollment classes to carry appendix, that’s his choice. Respect it. Love it or leave it.
But isn’t it funny? Everybody seems to be missing a glaring point.
If you run appendix carry, run appendix carry. If you don’t like appendix carry, don’t run it. But Larry Vickers did not ban appendix carry across the board. He banned it for open enrollment. And frankly, maybe newbie shooters shouldn’t be learning on appendix carry? I think that concern has got some valid points.
But let’s be real. What’s really going on here?  Larry Vickers has become one of the “Touchstone” instructors that people want to train with once in their lives. He gets quite a few one and done students. And I don’t mean just for his classes. I mean they take one class with Larry Vickers and they’re done.  For maybe the decade. Or even life.


I know Larry Vickers. Not terribly well. But I know him and he knows me. I’ve taken Larry Vickers classes and seen some of his students. In one class of maybe 25 students, I was easily in the top three of shooters / gun handlers. The other two guys were a very experienced  75th Ranger Regiment soldier and a private military contractor.


Impressed? Don’t be. There were students in this particular course who could barely function under pressure and drawing from a holster was the mental equivalent of a moon launch. But that’s OK! It was an open enrollment course. We had father – son teams. Some competitive shooters and frankly some below average gun enthusiasts.


What’s he supposed to do? He travels around he country. Uses different people’s facilities and needs to keep the liabilities to an acceptable minimum. So instead of telling students, “you suck until you can prove to me you don’t suck”, he just issues blanket policies about AIWB.


Don’t believe me? Larry Vickers will allow appendix carry for specialized units and mission specific students. I.E. If he’s training a bunch for narcotics officers or Government HUNINT types, you can bet dollars to doughnuts Appendix / AIWB will not only be allowed but in many cases dominate.


Still don’t buy it? Look at any of the “major” training schools around the country. Pistol or rifle classes. Almost all of them require the student to take a 100 level course before the advanced stuff.






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