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CZ’s Sub-Compact CZ75 RAMI — By Scott Mayer

The CZ75 RAMI combines small size with magazine capacity.

The CZ 2075 RAMI–CZ’s sub-compact version of its venerable CZ75 pistol–combines small size with up to 14 rounds of capacity depending on the chambering.  In the category of interesting but useless information, know that its name is derived from the first two letters of its designer’s first names, Radek Hauerland and Milan Trkulja.

Operation is the proven short-recoil system with the lock-up design borrowed, with some modification, from the SIG P-210. It employs a selective double-action/single-action trigger mode to suit the shooter’s preference and, while it is hand filling, it’s not so big and clunky that it can’t be easily concealed and carried.  It’s not something I’d like to carry around in an ankle holster, but when carried in a strong-side concealed-carry holster, the RAMI hides relatively well even under a loose tee shirt. It has an alloy frame and, at 25 ounces unloaded, has heft.

Size-wise, the RAMI in .40 S&W is right in there with most snub-nosed .357 Mag. revolvers, but with more rounds available if you need them. Controls are in familiar locations for Model 1911 users and the sights are factory adjusted for 25 meters with 155-grain bullets at between 1000 and 1200 fps muzzle velocity (for the .40 S&W version).

Low-profile sights are angled to prevent snagging, and they have very effective illuminating dots for shooting in low-light conditions. In daylight, the size of the front blade and rear notch form a crisp sight picture that isn’t cramped like on a target pistol or sloppy like on a typical pocket pistol.

This is a snappy little pistol to shoot, so if you’re sensitive to recoil, find a range where you can rent and test-fire 9mm and .40 RAMIs before committing to buying. There are many shooters out there who bought the most itty bitty little 9mm or .40 S&W pistol they could find and don’t shoot them much because of the recoil. The added weight of the RAMI helps tame that kick. These guns aren’t too heavy for concealed carry, are powerful enough to matter, have enough capacity to give you peace of mind, the accuracy necessary to hit what you’re aiming at, and excellent reliability. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, check one of these out.

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