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Some of you know I travel quite a bit. And one of the perks of that is I am always looking for out of the way gun shops to visit. But it’s not the new, fancy shops with the latest SHOT Show products that attract me. It’s the small mom & pop shops that generally float my boat.

The exception to that would be a large retail establishment that maintains an active “used gun case”. Typically that is where I start. After which I thoroughly take my time and scan every rack, case, back corner and 5 gallon bucket. In this instance, that is how I found this: a UK Enfield in 410. It looks like had been refinished, but was a neat “shotgun” tucked way in the back.

As is typical with most finds like this, the owner was somewhat misinformed as to what he had. In his mind, he thought it was a very rare military “training” rifle. And perhaps it was? But it is my understanding that these are typically British “colonial police” weapons. The logic being if the natives decided to turn on the British forces, they wouldn’t have parity of firepower.

Think about that in terms of gun-control thinking of today. Freaked out yet? You should be. It’s what the New York Safe Act and California gun laws are predicated on. But I digress.

I texted Freeze and told him what I was looking at and, frankly, the dealer was too high on it. But I know where it’s  The the next time I swing through town, I will check to see if it’s still there. And perhaps tender a discounted cash offer.

If you are curious, it is located in the extended, greater DC area. Not specific enough?  HA! I love you guys, but I can’t give you everything! They are all over Gunbroker if you really want one.




On the walls were an interesting mix of single-shot shotguns, black powder rifles and an French MAS 36.

By the front door, the owner had a neat collection (not for sale) of old ammo and knives he has setback over the years. I probably spent 30 minutes looking at those boxes of shells. Some might recognize these old box designs for sale as t-shirts. 😉


And finally every shop has their gem. The Hook. Their Crown Jewell. In this case it was a very old Savage Navy 6 Shot Revolver. The blue was so newish on it, I suspect it’s refinished . But that’s not my lane. It was priced out of sight. $5000 asking.

Savage Navy 6 Shot
Savage Navy 6 Shot 36 Calber


So…help me out. What out of the way gun shop would you recommend if I am passing through the area. Post it below. That way I can find the list easily when I am on the road. Again…I prefer shops that have used or older items. Everyone needs a shop that carries Glock 43’s and SIG 320’s and HK’s. But those gun stores are like McDonald’s. One on every corner. I’m looking for uncommon inventory.





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