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Larry Vickers Custom 1911 Auction

Larry Vickers Custom 1911 Auction
Larry Vickers Custom 1991A1 Pistol. 9mm

This pistol is the one we referenced a few podcast episodes ago. During which we suggested the gun was not marketed properly, thus costing Ken Hackathorn money. 

After some time to reflect on that statement and thought: That analysis still stands. IMO the fact this gun didn’t even bring 5k is a crime. 

One day, some of you might see this gun come up for auction again, and the value juxtaposed against this sale price will be astounding. 

The ONLY reason we didn’t buy it was, as a rule, we do not acquire rare or historical weapons that lose significant value when shot, used or lost. I.e. One of a kind. 

So here are 28 images from the auction. Probably overkill. But I thought it was worth documenting this gun. 





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