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S&W 547 Revolver Broken?

Model 547 9mm Revolver
Smith & Wesson Model 547 Revolver. 9mm.

One thing about running a large reference collection is there are always “problem children”. The S&W 547 revolver is one such child. The culprit? The weird and fragile leaf springs used to headspace off the rim. 

Yup. You read that right. The S&W 547 revolver fires 9mm (9×19) rimless ammo without using moon-clips. How it succeeds in doing so is through a very intricate, and some say fragile, leaf spring system inside the cylinder.  

It also uses an extra frame pin to hold the round in place while the individual charge hole is discharged. But I won’t get too deep into that right now. 

Here is my current thinking: I am looking at the “special springs” and they seem intact. But the “long” legs on some look slightly bent. I am hoping to disassemble the pistol and massage them back into spec. The trick is to not break a spring. Because if I do, the gun is now, for lack of a better word, totaled.

Once that is done, I will test fire. Should the problem persist, I will have to farm the gun out to a revolver smith to also check the trigger pull and the “extra” frame pin mentioned above. 

Fingers crossed. 






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