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SRO Red Dot Died, Again

Replacement battery. SRO.
Wilson EDC X9L with SRO Batteries

Well…before everyone gets all crazy butt-hurt over this headline, turn the volume way down, and let me explain. 

I have been intentionally running the battery long because I wanted the data. Specifically I always run the RDS on manual settings. At night I turn it down. In bright sun, I turn it way up. During regular daylight hours, I set the brightness manually. For reference, I typically still have 2 up settings above that. 

Fix-It-Sticks saves the day again.

So what you ask? Simple. Whatever the published RDS life-hours makers put out, I am certain they come to them though optimized practices. Specifically auto adjust. 

The ONLY time my RDS auto-adjusts is at some point overnight while I am sleeping. In the AM, I wake up and manually turn it up. 

Open SRO battery Compartment
The open battery compartment. Yeah. The gun is a little dirty today.

Now for the funny part: My hand to The Almighty, the very night before this happened I thought, “Maybe I better go ahead and change it that battery. It’s going to die any day”. 

Old vs New Battery
The new battery on the left. Old battery on the right. Date is Month/Year.

Mid afternoon, next day on the range, while shooting steel, the LED blinked out under recoil. Literally was shooting the plate rack. Wish I had filmed it, because I barely skipped a beat. I suspect the most you would have seen was an ever so slight hesitation in my shooting cadence. 

Wilson EDC X9L
I happen to have Energizer batteries in the truck. I generally like Duracell.

Bottom line: I F’ing rocked it! And to carry that personal win all the way across the finish line, I shot the rest of the day with irons! Just before leaving the range, I changed the battery on the tailgate of the truck. 

Notice the dates on the batteries. That is month and year. You should be able to look back on the website to get the exact date I installed the previous battery. For the record, it died on March 5th, 2022. 






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