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1891 Carcano Fatal Flaw Chapter 2

1891 Carcano
Shooting the 1891 Carcano Rifle with Doc.

So…the first video I filmed test firing the 1891 Carcano rifle had all kinds of problems. The wind was terrible, making the audio almost unbearable. The rifle jammed up so tight, I had to take a tool and literally pry the last round out of the action. 

Well…it just so happens Doc is back in town after his travels and volunteered to help shoot the 1891 again. Just to see what happens.

The takeaway: Runs Ok. Shoots fine. I suspect the reproduction clips might be contributing to the last round jam problem. We plan on ruling that out by digging up a factory original clip and seeing how that goes. But keep your fingers crossed, a 130 year old, flimsy piece of spring steel is probably not the most sturdy of  MILSURP parts. —editor





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