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Thinking About a Toolcat

Bobcat Toolcat UW56 Toolcat 5600
Toolcat with bucket up front.

So…advice needed from my equipment operating friends. Some of you may recall I was looking at a Ventrac 4520z to use on the John1911 range. Actually we have a deposit on one for…gasp…July. 

But an idea popped up that I think might have merit. Instead of the single seat Ventrac, we could get a Bobcat UW56 aka “The Tool Cat”. 

So what the hell is that? 

It’s a 2 seat UTV, with a 64hp diesel engine (same as base skid steer), heat, air, 4×4, dump bed, etc but…it runs most skid steer attachments out front. 

The idea is to dump the Polaris General 1000 4 seater, the DR pull behind bush hog and even a Honda 4×4 and just replace all that with a Toolcat. 

Bobcat Toolcat UW56 Toolcat 5600
Toolcat with brush-cutter – bush hog.

The Toolcat is bigger, heavier, more powerful and expensive but WAY more rugged than even the Ventrac. (I hope). It can run two people up and down the range in bad weather, and extra butts can sit in the bed in an emergency. And has real attachments that could come in very handy managing the range.


Does anyone have any experience with toolcats or Bobcat in particular? Is the juice worth the squeeze? 

Any opinions are appreciated at this point. Am I missing something? 






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