LAW-12 Buffer Maintenance 

Not sure if we’ve ever shown this shotgun. It’s a Franchi LAW-12. Also known as the little brother to the SPAS-12 shotgun from the Jurassic Park movies. 

This photo isn’t ours. Why? Ours in in pieces. 😉

In short, remove most of the stupid stuff off the 12, and you get a smaller, lighter, better, simpler semi-automatic shotgun known as the LAW-12. is the goto Franchi / SPAS / LAW parts.

But just like the SPAS, the LAW uses a receiver buffer system that can degrade over time. What you are seeing is the process of detail stripping so we can get down to the buffer, look at it and likely replace it. 

LAW-12 apart except the trigger pack and the stock. Which is currently stuck.

And why is this important? It’s the buffer that keeps the bolt assembly from smashing into the receiver and eventually cracking it. Which for an out of production reference gun is very bad. 

Now…we just need to figure out how to get the stock bolt to turn? This one is VERY tight. 






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