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XTEK Chassis in the Wild

Xtex Blaser Tactical 2 Chassis

Reader Tony N. in Australia sent me some interesting photographs. 

The Australian Defense Force (Army) use Blaser Tactical 2 rifles as one of their precision platforms. As to be expected, a local defense contractor known as XTEK was able to secure some contracts upgrading these rifles. 

XTEX Chassis in Australia. They call it the XTEK TAC2Mod

Principally they worked on custom magazines to increase capacity and a chassis system. 

Both of these items are highly coveted by the US Blaser Tactical community (cough cough…me) and are rarely seen in The States. To date, I know SIGUSA brought some of the items in to feature at SHOT and possibly to submit for one of the US Military precision rifle contracts. 


I think I have seen a second one in US private hands but that individual seemed to have a working relationship with the Sig Academy. 

So when Tony said he had seen two of these chassis systems for sale on the private market in Australia, I was immediately intrigued. Having spoken to XTEX a couple of times, I wasn’t under the impression they were selling to civilians directly. 

Which seems to jive with what Tony states. His message implies these two rifles were surplussed out of military hands. 

My Blaser Tactical 2 with factory stock on range 24 hours ago.

As of right now, I am very, very happy with the factory Blaser Tactical 2 stock. While it looks crazy, it is unbelievably comfortable and ergonomic. But I’ve always been curious about the XTEK chassis. With all the modern construction, I wonder if it’s lighter and handier than the factory? 

I know you want me, XTEK. 😉

Maybe I should reach back out to XTEK and see if they will send me one? The last inquiry wasn’t a no, so maybe there is still a chance?








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