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LAW-12 Shotgun
Franchi LAW-12 Shotgun Manual of arms.

So the subject of the Franchi LAW-12 shotgun came up recently. With all the attention being paid to shotguns lately…because of Beretta’s offerings, some people are looking for alternatives. 

What kind of alternatives you ask? Usually one of two: 

  1. A shotgun that might be “just as good” but cheaper than modern offerings from Beretta or Benelli. Well considering this gun is long out of production, imports were stopped completely in 1994,looked upon as “rare-ish” by some shotgun collectors; these are not ever a steal. 

2.   Inevitably when something becomes popular (in this case Beretta & Benelli shotguns) there will always be a certain personality type that just has to go with the unpopular choice. Not unlike how an alternative band is making the rounds on the second tier circuits; but when they break through to the Top 40, those same Alt kids will drop them for being, “sellouts”. 

Same thing here. I have had two folks over the past so many months inquire about the LAW-12. One specifically wants to take his to a shotgun class. While on some level that would be cool. Especially if you are an experienced shotgunner. 

But the reality is the manual of arms is so wonky on the LAW-12, you are going to be at some serious disadvantages running drills side-by-side with a more modern auto. 

I am NOT saying leave the LAW-12 at home. But what I am saying is some of the modern shotgun skills you wish to learn by paying money for a class will be limited by using a LAW-12. 

So if you are a bored shotgun aficionado who just needs a challenge? Sure. Take the LAW-12 and put yourself through purgatory. It’ll suck, but you might learn something about yourself in the process. But if you are a new student who hasn’t actually mastered shotgun techniques, you will be hating life running a LAW-12 at a real shotty class. 






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