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Winning vs Being Right

Winning vs Being Right.
Winning vs being right.

Apparently the dropping-slide thing is ping-ponging around the internet again. Don’t intentionally drop the slide on empty chamber 1911s. Don’t do it intentionally on any pistol. 


What very quickly happens is this subject becomes the latest, “I’m holier than thou” argument amongst people who don’t actually shoot. The blind leading the blind.

Winning vs Being Right.
Don’t take gun advice from people who shoot less than you do.

Folks who shoot a lot, or for a living, understand that certain parts on guns are consumables. Shoot them enough, and things will wear out. It’s the cost of doing business. And the more a gun costs, the louder the holy-rollers get.  

People who obsess over wear and tear on their 1911’s, or who feel the need to whack others on the subject; are typically collectors, not shooters. And deep in the collector’s mind is the anxiety of knowing he’s not a real, “gun guy”. But instead, a type of fraud or at best a spectator. 

And it’s precisely this insecurity which attracts these types to the slide-drop argument, like moths to a flame. Finally! Something they can climb up on their soapbox about and whack others with. Not in the name of education, training or being better shooters. But instead…obviously…for pure self-aggrandizement.

Aka internet, gun forum, gun-guy bullshit. 

I don’t take gun advice from, or associate with, such people. And neither should you. The litmus test to out these creatures is really simple: Do they shoot more than you? Can they prove it? If no, be polite. Smile. But mentally, and sometimes professionally, write them off. 

Winning vs Being Right.
Two types of people in this world. Those who talk and those who do. It’s easy too say that about the OTHER guy. It takes grace to see it in yourself.

So let’s get this settled once and for all. Should you drop the slide on an empty chamber of a pistol? No. It’s the sign of an inexperienced gun owner. Why? Dropping that slide is not great for fitted parts like barrels. And on 1911’s it’s tough on sear/hammer hook surfaces. 

But…since dropping the slide on an empty chamber is a necessary and inevitable part of pistol mastery, don’t be such a whiny little bitch about it either. You out yourself as a poser because it’s not that simple. 

Don’t believe me? How do you clear double-feeds on pistols? OH! Your gun never double feeds? Good for you. Now, how do you train to clear double feeds on any pistol? Ohhhh….that’s right, “Mr. Gun Guy”. You never train pistol malfunction clearance drills either. But…you’re a pistol instructor, right? Who never demos malfunctions? You must be so awesome, Dude (sic).

Get’s even better. 

Ever have a slide not lock back on an empty magazine? Bad mag. Limp wrist’ed the gun. Fouled the slide because you were shooting from retention. Didn’t seat the mag. Maybe forgot to insert a mag. Whatever. In any case, guess…what…just…happened, “Mr. Gun Guy”. You guessed it! 

My absolute favorite of this type of creature is the “1911 guy” who says he never drops the slide on an empty chamber, straight up insults a person’s mother for doing so; but when asked proud-fully claims his 1911 will or has passed a 10-8 Function Test, “no problem”. 

How? Apparently fucking magic because guess what that test involves? When I hear crap like this, it’s time to just write that person off. 

Winning vs Being Right.
Being right isn’t winning. Winning is winning.

Dale, Sr., the late NASCAR driver, was a, “car guy” by any measure. The president of your local Cars & Coffee club is also a, “car guy”. Want to be a better driver, look to Dale. Want to win the blue ribbon at the car show, listen to that collector guy 

But don’t EVER for one second think Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Wanted or needed any input from Mr. Cars & Coffee on how to drive the track, spec out a car, or win a race. 

Conversely, that certain type of “gun guy” who’s always ready to tear people down on the internet; they never seem to be around when the shot timers come out for a few laps around some known shooting standard.  

These weird little internet dudes could seriously benefit from a little more grace and a little less compulsion to always be right. 






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