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Les Baer TRS 1911 with 30,000 Rounds

Les Baer 30k Detail Strip

I will say this right up front: I have a pet peeve. Especially when it concerns 1911 users. The hypocrisy. Have your attention yet? About to be offended? Relax. Hear me out. One syndrome I dislike in the 1911 community is the obsession on “perfection”. On one hand, you will see this group talk about how the “1911 got it done for 100 years”, but then they will turn around and be ready to jump off the roof at the slightest sign of wear on their pistols.


I hit a wall with this thinking years ago. Trying to reason with these people is like trying to reason with a young child on the importance of paying the mortgage vs spending all your money on toys — Real world vs fantasy. If you are obsessed with keeping your 1911 pistol mint, you need to treat it like a proof coin: wrapped in plastic never to be touched or cycled by your foul, filthy hands.


My view of the 1911 is that of a tool. To be used. That tool is a reflection of the competence and experience of it’s owner. “Beware the contractor with the shiney new tools”, as they say. And here is something else that is easily forgotten concerning 1911s: If they float your boat? If they get you shooting? If maintaining, tweaking and chasing function gets you more trigger time? ┬áThat is a GOOD THING!


If you are not shooting your guns, you are just like everybody else: wasting time on the internet. Spending more time talking than doing as life passes you by. Maybe this post will help chance that?


This pistol is a Les Bear TRS 1911. At the time of it’s release, probably best value semi-custom 1911 dollar for dollar. The owner of this pistol is an active USMC field-grade officer. While he is not allowed to carry a personally owned weapon while on duty, he is an avid shooter and competitor.


Hopefully you will appreciate a well used 1911 as much as I do. I think this pistol is sexy. Almost as sexy as mine.


“Shooting Guns and Having Fun”





If you wish to read more about this pistol and the owner, you can click here for the link on the 1911forum.com



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