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Pulling Out The Backup CCW Glock 19

Working the pistols on steel, Baby!

I travel quite a bit. Mostly by airplane. As such, checking luggage is simply a reality. When I made the switch back to Glocks as a work pistol, I automatically purchased two Glock 19 GEN 4 FDE’s. My logic being the 19’s would be the CCW platform of choice. And if one goes down for repair, or even worse become lost in transit, I would have a backup already in the safe.


Glock 19 Steel work 1
Working Steel. A Favorite.



Good plan, right? Well…as fate would have it, I ended up going with the full sized Glock 17 as my main CCW pistol. Having well over a decade of carrying an all steel 1911 for work, a Glock 17 doesn’t seem large or heavy as all.  Factor into that my hands aren’t the smallest to ever grab a pistol, and the Glock 17 ended up with the job. Oops.

Best laid plans and all of that sort of thing.

Well….what that means is I’m lazy and life gets in the way. I’ve been meaning to pull the “second” G19 out of the armory and get it squared away. Oh…for…about 2 years now? Maybe longer?


Glock 19 STeel work 2
Glock 19 FDE Gen 4



Being that tacticaltshirts staff are in full shooting season mode, we’ve been going through quite a pile of pistol ammo. So…in an effort to keep the mojo alive, I found the motivation to break out the back-up 19. Worked some quick steel drills on the timer. And she runs like a champ. ISO, strong hand, weak hand, malfunction clearance drills, etc.

Next up, I’ll knock those crappy factory sites off and get a proper ledge of some kind.

Of special note: I left the range that day and stopped in a  local business to pickup lunch. I couldn’t help but notice the sign announcing their security company. Took a little pic. Thought I would share. Pretty sure I will be back on a regular basis.

Glock 19 Steel work 3 lunch
Local Business Supports CCW



Hope you are getting outside, shooting guns and having fun.




“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”




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