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The Arrogance Of The Trained.

Joseph Wilcox Walmart Shooting
Joseph Wilcox


The Shooting of the two Police Officers and the subsequent shooting in Walmart have just happened. This post addresses something that has been bothering me for a long while. This first appeared on our Company Facebook page. By popular request, I am reposting it here.


Rant on: I was very upset earlier today but I have calmed down a bit. I see this after every “public tragedy” and the recent events in Las Vegas are no different.


If I see one more arrogant comment or snide remark by some of our industry “tactical trainers” about Joseph Robert Wilcox, I’m going to start calling them out.


Incase you don’t know, Joseph Wilcox was the CCW carrier who decided to engage the two Las Vegas cop killers as they showed up in Walmart. As many of you know, Joseph Wilcox also gave his life in the exchange.

Joseph Wilcox Walmart Shooting
Joseph Wilcox

And I choose my words carefully. GAVE HIS LIFE. I don’t know much of anything about Joseph Wilcox beyond the most important thing: He WAS A HERO.


And while I can’t prove it, I am fairly certain he made a significant differece that day. Because we aren’t all talking about 15-20 people being killed in Walmart.


Maybe Joseph Wilcox wasn’t a professionally trained pistolero? Maybe he didn’t have combat deployments? Maybe he didn’t attend all of the famous schools and glean the magic from our nation’s best tactical trainers? Maybe he’s just a guy on a milk run. Maybe to some…… THAT FACT makes his decisions even more impressive.


But what I do know is he was caught in between two bad choices and he showed great bravery and fortitude in facing them. He deserves better than being dismissed by some in our community, or worse, being disrespected in death by “tab checking” him.


The arrogance of the trained is getting to be a bit much for me and I’m not tolerating it. Good people die. And many times, good people voluntarily risk it all to stop evil.

Joseph Wilcox Walmart Shooting
Joseph Wilcox Walmart Shooting.


And here it comes: Some wanna-be tactical douche-bag is going to roll in here with a limp, because he’s all butt-hurt over my observation. Because HE knows I’m firing for effect at his behavior and public comments; he’ll drop HIS resume and HIS credentials and HIS reputation. Whatever. He wasn’t at Walmart that day.


And if YOU don’t see what I am talking about, let me ask you this? I have never seen or heard any mixed martial artists, judo instructor, or MCMAP staff criticize Todd Beamer and the rest of the passengers on Flight 93 for their actions because “They weren’t qualified” to fight back against evil.


So. Shut. Up.




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