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Getting The Crossbow’s Ready For The Season: Horton & PSE




So it’s well into summer and now is the time to check your hunting gear. We always start with archery since it is the season that opens first. You don’t want to be pulling out your hunting gear last minute. First of all, if there is a major issue it might take many weeks to get it addressed. Secondly, if a fantastic opportunity opens up at the last minute, you need to be squared away.




A friend of a friend invites you to hunt his property. An outfitter has a cancellation and is giving a significant discount on short notice. You win that uber-special DNR tag. Don’t kid yourself, this stuff happens all the time. It’s up to you as to how the story goes: Lucky Dog or Sad Panda. So pull out your gear and get some time on it. Check the strings. Check the zero(s). And check your skill.


Two Crossbows were tested that day: A Horton Yukon SL and a PSE Tac 15. Some of you might be scratching your heads at the difference between these two setups. Is the PSE a better crossbow than the Horton? Yes? Does the PSE kill deer any better than the Horton? No. And if you’re up in a  tree stand and drop your PSE 20 feet, you’ve probably busted a $1200 crossbow. If you drop the Horton 20 feet, you’ve probably busted a $200+ crossbow.


And what’s the difference? With the Horton you head to your local pro-shop and buy a replacement crossbow and you’re hunting again the next day. With the PSE,  you’re driving to the outfitter and buying a Horton so you can hunt again the next day!


We like them both. More to come. Here is how the day went. The Horton Zero was off and we did have some issues with the Tac 15. Good thing we checked. Had to get the “Outdoor Bolt Locater” –Metal Detector– to find one errant bolt. But we’re on at 20 yards and getting tuned up for the season. The Horton has been with us for many years and has 21 kills. The Tac 15 is the new kid and will see it’s first hunt this season. Will keep you appraised.


That’s it for now.


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