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Magneto Speed Chronograph Testing.

Strapping Magneto on.


A co-worker of mine recently purchased a Magneto Speed Chronograph. This is a big upgrade to this 20 year old 3 screen model. I joined him on the range to test it out on his SCAR 17 and my Blaser Tactical 2. Here are my quick impressions:

1. Very quick to setup when compared to tradition screened models.

2. We didn’t perceive any Point of Impact / Point of Aim (POI/POA) shift at 100 yards.

3. Getting the data off the SD card into a computer is VERY easy.

4. Provides a lot of value even in relation to the high-cost.


Operating the Magneto Speed proved to be a very pleasurable experience over the traditional screened versions. This payoff will be greatly realized in two ways. One, if you are switching the chrono between multiple platforms. Two, if you wish to measure your loads under adverse conditions. Let’s be honest. Setting up a screened chrono when it’s really cold, or rainy or snowy is a pain. And when traveling, packing and setting up your chrono just before a match or when testing your hunting loads at the outfitter cabin is probably out of the question. With this, not so much.


Exporting the data. An interesting surprise was the data generated by the Magneto Speed was already formatted for Excel. I didn’t get a chance to test it with Apple’s Numbers spreadsheet, but no reason to suspect anything different there.


The downside. If you test and chrono pistol loads, I don’t see how this setup will work for that. But I could be mistaken. So we will be keeping our screened chrono for that reason.


Special note for people who don’t read instructions: The Magneto speed comes with two types of spacers: Rubberized and hard plastic. The rubberized is designed to be placed in contact with the barrel. The hard plastic spacers are just that, spacers. If you use the incorrect order of spacers, the chronograph will not be stable in the barrel.


The clearance tool is to be rested ON THE CHRONO BLADE, not to be stuck inside the barrel! The tool is such that it ensures you don’t have a bullet strike, but also gives the user a measurement of MIN/MAX blade to bullet clearance to ensure a proper reading.





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