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Life Imitates Art. Left Wing Violence

The Left is in need of some serious soul searching before they get behind the curve on this.
Let me explain….

The media isn’t going to be successful in deflecting from this narrative for much longer. Soon the anarchists will do something terrible, on film; and a lot of people are going to be running for cover.

Let me give you a similar example that has never been discussed publicly. I know more than a handful of folks who fancied themselves as “independent war correspondents” or “private military contractors” who went into Libya and Syria to help rebels fight against “dictators”.

One dude was planning on writing books and selling movie rights about “his war”. Frankly, it looked like a good plan. On paper anyway. Lots of NY and LA media types were following his work closely.

Then the narrative changed. His “buddies” fighting for freedom turned into ISIS and AL NUSRA and started chopping off heads. Now he can’t get a job parking cars in NY or LA.

So he creeps around Kurdistan trying to latch on to that story hoping nobody will connect him and the proto-ISIS days.
Same same here. These black mask wearing fools don’t know what’s coming. Why? They all talk and share their activities on Facebook. Which is searchable. Forever.

If something bad happens and this REALLY turns on them, they’re done. Forever. How do you get a job in 2030-40 when Google shows you were a domestic terrorist in 2017?



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