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LifePod 2.0 Travel Case

LifePod 2.0 Pistol Travel case by Vaultek.
LifePod 2.0 Pistol Travel case by Vaultek.

I have been using the same airline travel case to check pistols for 30 years. Just writing that sentence seems impossible. But when you do something for so long, I take it for granted the subject is settled. 

Well…when I switched to a pistol with a large red dot on top, the old standby metal case can’t accommodate that footprint. 

So that brings us to this new case. The LifePod 2.0. Compared to where I am coming from, this things feels like something out of NASA. Lots going on. Keypad, light, USB ports, floats. 

Will this work at the airports? Don’t know. It will take the full sized pistol just fine. But with all the new features and options, I worry it might end up confusing the TSA. Which could mean secondary screening call backs. 

Stay tuned. 






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