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New Single Stack Holster

Single Stack 1911 AIWB Holster
JM Custom Kydex with Wilson eXperior Full Size 1911

My EDC holster is a AIWB rig from JM Custom Kydex. Been so happy with it, I decided to buy a second version for my single stack 1911s. 

Link: JM Custom Kydex

Confused? Let me explain. 

Single Stack 1911 AIWB Holster
Essentially the same holster. But the bottom rig is SKU’ed as a EDC X9L specific holster.

The EDC X9L rig will accept all my standard 1911 pistols. But…in order to do that properly, I needed to adjust some of the tension screws. Shoot the single stacks: then readjust the screws back for my X9L settings. While not a big deal back on the bench, on the range it was starting to suck rocks. 

Single Stack 1911 AIWB Holster
I am also experimenting with different belt loops and clips.

Since I am shooting 1911 single stacks more and more, a dedicated JM holster makes a lot of sense. And while I am at it, let’s finally get a proper magazine carrier, and make the Kydex red, so it doesn’t blend in with the 300 other Kydex rigs we have. 

So here you go. A holster so nice, I bought it twice. Can’t give a better endorsement than that. 






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