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Long Gun Tight truck
Long Gun Tight truck

Everybody can shoot from a vehicle. Even I can do it. But once we started actually physically doing it, I quickly figured out there are tips and tricks that help the process along. Most of it organization and logistics based. 

In no way am I telling you specifically what they are. Primarily because I am still learning myself. So any thought I might develop might very well end up get tossed later. 

So…when the John1911 range is in terrible shape, why not make this an opportunity to practice some long gun vehicle shooting? Lessons can be learned. 

Finally…I understand most can’t do this. Public / private ranges wouldn’t allow it. And most gun owners don’t actually own large tracks of land to facilitate such endeavors. 

Just know as I sit in the truck shooting guns on a very icy range, I am grateful for the opportunity and intend to never waste a single day enjoying what I have. Rain or shine. 






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