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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Right side if the good side.

OK. Final post on the Bernardelli P. One rehab. At least from the workbench standpoint. Unless be break it in the future. 

I have noticed a trend when discussing how roached out the P. One was. Many users don’t believe they could have unknowingly bought a gun in such poor shape? 

And that may very well be true. But consider this. The two pictures shown here show the gun as it arrived at the FFL. Certainly the image showing the left side of the gun indicates service wear. But the right side looks pretty gun for a duty gun. 

If you saw a photo showing only the right side of the gun, would your first thought be, “rust bucket”?

For a refresher on what the inside of the gun actually looked like, CLICK HERE to see the roached out internals. 







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