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The Bernardelli is Roached

Corrosion under slide-stop.

Ok. I’ve been holding these pics back for a few days. I wasn’t sure how best to present them. After some thought, I just figured a gonzo album of the madness is best. Why beat around the bush? This Bernardelli P.One Pistol is in rough, rough shape. 

What we know. It was sold to Israel as a police handgun. Eventually it was surpluses out on the international market and made it’s way to the US. The exterior finish shows quite a bit of holster wear. I guess at least a decade of street use. Surprisingly the barrel doesn’t seem to be shot out! I know IDF weapons have a reputation for being extremely well used. This one not so much. 

Now for the bad. In my professional opinion, this pistol has not been cleaned since it left the PD in Israel. I don’t know how long that is. But looking at the corrosion and mess inside, it appears the lubricant broke down and the remaining moisture started reacting to the metal. 

It’s roached. But…for the price we got it for. The uncommonness of the make stateside. Accompanied with the fact V. Bernardelli has ceased operation. It was a must buy. 

Now…we just need to clean up the messed and stop the corrosion before it really eats up something important. 

Whomever thinks running a reference collection is all sweetness and light should get their head examined. 





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